About the Trio (He, She, and It!)

This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

Carmen (Cee Cee) and Hunter are two 23 year olds unsatisfied with the traditional views on living. We’re after a minimalist and mobile lifestyle. Houses are certainly affordable, but we found the idea to be tedious and unrewarding; mow the lawn, pay property tax, heat 1700 sq feet, carpet 1700 sq feet, listen to your neighbor’s dog bark for a seemingly infinite number of hours, and general other giving of damns. We love nature, and resourcefulness, and people… and you’ve got to live somewhere.

Carmen’s beloved grandfather left behind an incredible amount and variety of things in his passing, but one item in particular Carmen fancied was Lucky; the 1969 International school bus. Lucky is pretty rough around the edges, but with my fabrication skills and her determinate invincibility we will build ourselves a home. Share the adventure on our blog, and when it’s complete, visit us somewhere sunny and 75!