A Break from Bus Building – Voss, Norway

Day 2 of vacation, we pulled on our snow pants and warm weather garb and hopped on the free ski bus to spend the day at Voss Ski Resort. Being a Saturday, the slopes were packed and the first hour of the day was spent waiting in line for lift tickets and rental equipment. It was Hunters first time skiing so we took a few warm up runs on the bunny slopes. He was looking pretty good on the bunny hills, so we decided to head to the top of the mountain.

Look at this photo of us having fun and loving our ski day! (Hint, it didn’t last long)


Here we our again, stopping for beer and hot chocolate in the middle of the mountain still loving our ski day…

It was actually post beer and hot chocolate that we decided we were getting tired and were ready to head home for the day. We still had maybe an hour long journey to the base of the mountain so we started on our last run of the day. I was skiing a few feet ahead of Hunter when I turned around and found no Hunter. I kept waiting thinking he must’ve fallen and is taking a minute to get his skis back on (not the first time that day), but then I saw the paramedics snowmobile heading towards where I had just come from and decided it was time to go investigate.

The fall was pretty tame and unmemorable but it was enough to send him to the hospital for what we would later find out was a broken tibia.

The broken tibia catapulted us into a haphazard 36 hour early return home via 4 planes, 1 bus, 1 train and so. many. cabs. The Norwegian doctors were very adamant that Hunter’s leg needed surgery asap and were ready to cut him open that evening. Unfortunately for this trip we hadn’t purchased travel insurance and surgery in Norway would cost anywhere between $7-10,000, that would need to be paid right then out of pocket. We vied for Option B, put a cast on it and return home as fast as possible to get surgery in the US.

For us budget travelers, this medical emergency still put a massive dent in our wallets, which I will break down further in the next post. For now we are taking a longer break in bus building while Hunter’s broken leg heals.

On a positive note, the accident could have been worse, the expenses could have been higher (or our savings lower), or the bus could have been behind schedule. As the saying goes, luck is when opportunity and preparation meet – and we got lucky.


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