A Break from Bus Building – Bergen, Norway

Hello friends and fellow tiny house enthusiasts! It’s Carmen here recount our latest journey in bus building and life. I’ll let Hunter go into greater detail about how the pictured projects were built but for now, here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been working on.

Our goal is to have the bus move in ready by June and currently we are ahead of schedule (and under budget). This month I took a break from all things bus to go on a work trip to Norway. The country was spectacularly scenic. One of the highlights of my work day was the winding drive through the snowy mountains every morning and being able to look out our third story office window onto a picturesque river.

I have to admire the general work life balance the Norwegians seem to have. They eat a very healthy diet, try to build around letting natural sunlight into buildings and homes (when the sun comes out at least), and never work more than 40 hours a week. Observing this lifestyle brought me back to why we are building this bus in the first place – so we can work less and live more.

Hunter met me on the tail end of my trip for a vacation to see the Northern Lights and sight see on the Norway in a Nutshell tour trail. We started off by waking up at the crack of dawn to hitch a ride on a propeller plane to the city of Bergen, the second largest city in Norway.

We arrived in Bergen around 8am and did our own walking tour of the city starting in the Bryggen (Wharf) area. Bryggen is an UNESCO world heritage site and you can find tons of great museums, art galleries, shops, and restaurants in this area or walking distance from it. One mistake we made was starting the day so early. Most things didn’t open until 11 a.m., so we killed a few hours walking around Bergenhus Castle, which was not a disappointment. We were starving by the time all the restaurants opened up though!

One unexpected but now must see item for anyone’s essential Bergen list is the KODE Art Museum row. Even if you don’t check out the 4 massive museums with everything from Renaissance style to Modern “make you think” exhibitions (which you should!!), you must go for a walk in the beautiful park in front of the museums. The park features a stunning lake set in front of a back drop of the mountains where you will find locals, tourists, and street musicians gathering

After getting our fill of all there is to do in Bergen we hopped the train to Voss, a little ski town about 1.5 hours away. Hunter, still being jet-lagged, slept during most of the train ride. Don’t worry though, I stayed awake to bring you the following photos of stunning Norwegian scenery.

We arrived in Voss and checked into an AirBnb with a view, having learned this country is a perfect place to put on a warm sweater and drink hot chocolate while staring out the window.


Check out part 2 of this blog here: A Break from Bus Building – Voss, Norway


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