Kitchen and More- part 1 of 4-ish

Part one of this series takes place because I don’t feel like writing a novel this morning! It may even extend past 4. I’m unashamed of an encore part 5.

This was our introduction to cabinet making, and counter top making, and tiny house kitchen making, and, pretty much an onslaught of firsts. The cabinets are all pocket screwed together and required a lot of mock up, as we want to keep everything precisely assembled to maximize usable space.

You can see the skeleton begin to form in the above pics. Once a layout had been established we thought about counter tops. Cee spearheaded design and convinced me to go with ‘barnwood’, which we secured from her aunt, Amy. It was a ton of work to make this happen. The boards had to be split apart, then the nails removed, then sanded to remove most of the dirt, which destroys machine tools. I took the prepped boards to the FabLab and planed them down to nice flat and square boards. They were drilled for biscuits and glue, then clamped together as a huge messy assembly. Once it was all together it almost didn’t fit in the car!

With the new rough assembly, I hand planed the glue off and flattened the seams, fit it to the oven and sink, then stained and sealed it! It was a ton of labor, but it’s hard to argue the results.

You might be able to see that there’s a large section of the counter top missing toward the fridge. That’s because there wasn’t enough 1940’s red oak barn doors laying around to tear up, so we fixed up something a little more……. down to earth. Thanks for the read!


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