Easter BusVentures

Okay so lets recap for those of you just tuning in…

For Christmas, Hunter gifted me a composting toilet which sparked the start of our tiny house build, Lucky the School Bus. In the last 3 months, we’ve done a ton of work. IMG_5636.JPGIMG_5637.JPG

Of this entire journey, today had to have been my favorite part so far. Let’s rewind a bit. You may have read in Hunter’s last post we’ve been in a rush to get the bus out of my family’s warehouse because it is being rented out in May. Pair this with the fact that I graduate college in 3 weeks and Hunter and I are getting ready to go to Australia for a month and you can see why this hasn’t been a stress free time. We found another shed a few weeks ago which has some pros and cons.

Pros: It is in my mom’s backyard so no more running back and forth for loads of tools and other random needs. This will also hopefully be a bit closer to the bus’ final parking spot.

Cons: It is a really old shed with tooooons of random garbage that had to be cleared out. We’ve spent the last few weekends clearing out old garbage and taking load after load to scrap and recycle.

Now that it is properly cleaned and there is enough room for a bus and workspace, we are good to go. This is where our story today begins. We ran into my mom’s neighbor yesterday and were talking about the current bus happenings and how we needed to move it and also mount our van roof. A five minute conversation in the drive way turned into us all hoping into his truck to run around looking at equipment to make a plan. In an hour he had blessed us with the promise of his tractor, forklift, and Monday morning to get the bus back on track.

This morning, we had the full crew of my mom’s neighbor, his son, and our right hand man, “Spam”, who you might remember from the junk yard escapade. At this point, pictures do a greater justice than my rambling.


So there you have it, our bus is out of the warehouse and the roof is mounted! Next up Hunter will be welding the roof and replacing the windows to make sure everything is water tight. Then we will be back on track to fitting this thing will all the amenities to make it a true house.

Looks crazy now but just wait!


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  1. Wow. This has bern such an interesting project to watch develop. Congratulations in your successes! It looks amazing. I am more than impressed. Congratulations on graduation and enjoy your trip to Australia!! ♡

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