MLK Weekend at the Junkyard

Where do I begin? The last 3 days have been filled with mud, trash, and so much excitement. Our goal this weekend was to find a roof extension so we can raise the roof over the front half of the bus a few feet. On Saturday morning we ventured out to Paule’s, a local scrap yard, to see if we could find a large cargo van to cut the top off of to mount to our bus.

As we walked up to the scrap yard we were approached by the owner, Mark. Hunter explained to him about our bus and what we were looking for. Evidently he knew others who had done the same so before we could even look at cargo vans Mark showed us a massive fully functioning Winnebago RV that someone had gotten rid of about a week prior. The Winnebago was a miracle. We went inside and inquired as to what worked and what didn’t and made our long list of everything we wanted from it. Another RV enthusiast had already claimed the range/stove, but we were still excited about the fridge,  cabinets, an Onan RV generator, and a 50 gallon propane tank (that was already 3/4 full of propane!). We also decided on a few little bits along the way like a vanity mirror and hardware for wall mounted folding tables.

After we looked through the RV we walked around the lot to find a cargo van. Just as Hunter was almost convinced we would mount a Volvo station wagon on the top of the bus, I saw it. An old school Med Van with an extended roof. It was way better than I could have ever imagined, and right at our height limit from the very top to the bottom of the windows.


Mark was willing (and might I add excited) to cut the top of the Med Van off for us, even though he had never heard of someone doing what we were doing with it. After we paid him for our list of things and the top of the van we went back to the RV to start disassembling it. Mark came to the RV after a while and told us how he was an RV enthusiast, he was clearly really excited about our project. He then said to not worry about it and gut anything we could use from the RV since it was about to be destroyed anyway.

We ran out of time on Saturday so today we came back and for about 6 hours gutted out every piece of the RV that was worth taking (I’ll let Hunter tell the painful parts of gutting out an RV). We basically made out like bandits for a few hundred dollars. Satisfaction level, 100%. Muddiness level, also 100%.

Stay tuned,





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