Insulation, Mice, and a Tiny Closet

Phew, it has been quite a crazy last few days full of bus shenanigans. For the last 2 days I’ve worked at pulling out more of the bus’s interior while Hunter has worked on the engine. My goal is to get as much gutted from the interior as possible, so I can thoroughly dispose of any mouse skeletons and make it easier when we are ready to pull out the floor and walls for insulation. We actually realized last night there is insulation in the top of the bus, which was delightful news.

As we take more out of the bus we are starting to find more room for all of our ideas. Last night, we measured out our tentative floor plan. The idea is to try to keep it as simple as possible. We don’t want a house that is filled to the brim but rather one where we can stretch out and feel comfortable. I’ve been very conscious about trying to stay decluttered in the last few years, but I will admit I am currently adapted to a normal size closet. My biggest fear about downsizing is not having the space for my professional work wardrobe. Therefore, I’m starting Project 333 as a new years resolution to find out what I’m capable of with a 33 piece wardrobe for 3 months (Read more about Project 333 here).

We have been getting so much positive feedback from everyone we  have talked to about this project. Thank you all for supporting this crazy adventure! I hope our story can inspire someone out there to follow their own tiny house dream. This experience is currently so eye opening for me. Everyday I’m learning what is possible, what I value most, and what an environmentally friendly lifestyle can look like.



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