New Year, New Space!

Good Evening, friends, family, and brave space geckos. Of course, we cater to all species here at luckythetinybus.wordpress.com. It is 10:51 on New Years Eve, CeeCee is watching some sort of english gentlemen’s murder mystery on the ol’ tubular vision. My attention is obviously elsewhere, margarita in hand.

A day or two ago, CeeCee and her aunt Amy did some fantastic work in my absence. I’m under the impression they had both pressure washed the nature off Lucky’s canary hull, and relocated it entirely! The bus had been parked in the gravel lot behind a place the family refers to as “Lombardo’s”. I guess that was the business that previously inhabited the place. The lovely ladies didn’t mention any trouble, but there is a sizable dent in the grill that confirms the brakes don’t work. No biggie.

There’s a fairly modern steel building painted mauve and beige with large bay doors fit for heavier equipment, like road tractors and firetrucks. It fits the bus with twenty feet to spare length-wise. We’ve got at least that to spare on the sides as well. Needless to say I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity to work in such suitable conditions.

First thing in the morning I visited our parts RV down the street. A coworker caught wind of our adventure and offered up an 80’s E350 RV thats pretty stripped out and run down for $200. The man claims it runs even! CeeCee liked the ladder and the shower fixtures, I’m thinking propane heater and maybe the under-van storage panels. When we eat our fill we may sell the chassis or just scrap it. The point being fantastic diamonds in the rough, for free! The deal now is, when his sister (the true owner of the big brown box) moves out of state, it’s mine for the taking.

Today work began at about 3pm, we have lives after all. I spent most of my time cleaning up the new habitat. There are, again, collectables littering every corner of the building. I’m rather particular about my work space, my thoughts are always as cluttered as my environment. I removed most pieces that weren’t tooling/ useful from eye sight and swept every corner, organized the extension cords, chains, and brooms of course. I had picked up litter around the building as well, admittedly totally compulsory. The space now feels utilitarian, which is perfect.

Carmen came a bit later, maybe 8pm or so and cleaned the dash and drivers seat area or the bus, which is still pretty grotty. I helped her take out the seat belts and seat for space, we’ve got some sort of bus length auxiliary heater system that was totally mouse-topia. I’m going to try to get a new volvo tractor seat from work and ditched this cruddy terrible 70’s seat. After that we had a cheese and cracker (seriously my favorite food group) break and daydreamed about the floor plan.


I find it would be terribly long drawn out to describe our current design parameters and ideas, but there will be bamboo flooring, a composting toilet (CeeCee’s x-mas present! I’m so romantic), and folding tables. I’m excited and find there to be a tremendous amount of space if well thought out. The actual size of the innards is 28′ x 7.5′, I think 210 square feet?! The inside will be modern, with long lines and clean, pale colors. There may be a yoga deck on the roof, and CeeCee needs a hanging closet, to give you any ideas. We plan to work tomorrow afternoon as well, likely pulling up the boring/gross/old/green vinyl flooring to expose the under belly. I also need to inspect the engine for damage and see if I can wake Lucky’s thumper up.. That’s enough blogging for the night; It’s almost midnight! Thank you, Brave Space Geckos. – Jäger

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