D Day

Carmen and I bring two very different asset loadouts into this. I have fantastic technical ability, enjoy resourcefulness, and don’t mind working the trenches. I come from a background of passenger car maintenance and chassis fabrication apprenticeship mostly. CeeCee’s light shines through in its own way, and you’ll see during her blog time! Today our skills came out to play for the first time in the form of demo. Something I’m good at.

Last night I stuffed my ‘new’ Acura with the necessary accessories and tooling required to compete in the bus sterilization business, things like work lights, a 7.5″ grinder, misc hand tools, extension cords, safety equipment. Safety is no joke friends. I look like a fresh Ranken grad every time I work. The manly men giggle, with their scars and war stories, but I’m the one who can hear a child whisper- and use my back the way god intended! – I do hope I’ll be able to keep the mini rants to a minimum.

In the morn, today, after a drive here and some non-bus related general hootinannying, we got to work with step one of six-hundred or so. Our 72 passenger Schoolmaster chassis was kitted with easy imagined rows of seating that had to go. We did a quick sweep to avoid the bulk of the raccoon deficit and remove some collectible farm equipment being stored over the seats. I had decided not to even bother unfastening the bolts the protrude through the floor, mounting the bus seats, as they were sure to be rusty and it would require coordination between a team attacking from the bottom and top. Being fabrication natured, I just ground the bolts off the top and will soon hammer the remaining studs though the floor. Carmen unbolted anything on the body, that was less rusty. I was kinda gross crawling through the raccoon halfway house, but whatever. With all the windows down there was plenty of ventilation to keep comfy. Of course, Carmen didn’t think so, she found it very uncomfortable to be showered in glowing steel power. This took maybe 5 hours for our well-oiled team to knock them all out. We stacked them on pallets for later disposal, and day dreamed about all the space we suddenly had!

Later, we got mighty hangry and ate a 1500 calorie breakfast burrito meal at Jack in the Box (it hit the spot). Now we’re here at her mom’s place blogging and taking turns watching tiny house shows on Netflix. Thanks for the interest, we hope to manifest our newfound expertise and passion, eventually, into a Tiny House community. Think.. hipster trailer park!  – Jäger

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