D Day – as told by Carmen

If you read any of the other bus house building guides out there, they always start with “Step 1: Tear out the seats”. So here I am at midnight last night trying to convince Hunter via text that we should not start tearing out the seats at 5 in the A.M. I have no experience with any  type of construction projects, but Hunter has been studying chassis fabrication since 2012 and is the resident expert on this project. We agreed to start at 9 and I was strictly instructed to be ready with gear in hand because, “this won’t be a gentle process”.

This morning Hunter showed up at 8:40 as I was still waking up and nonchalantly starting my coffee. So we started at 10:30.

So let me explain to you the quirks of our bus compared to most buses that are becoming tiny houses. Our bus has been sitting outside behind a shed for the last three or so years and at different times has been home to some woodland creatures. We discovered raccoon prints across the seats, many an old corn cob under the seats, and a few turtle shells as part of the current decor. There were also a few knick knacks such as a John Deere golf club, random pieces of metal, and old farm equipment. The first hour of Demo Day was spent clearing the bus of all this stuff before we could start tearing out the seats.

After clearing out all the stuff the real fun began. Hunter decided we should go ahead and use a grinder to detach the seats from the floor and then hammer the remaining nails through the floor. The seats were bolted on the floor as well as the walls of the bus so while Hunter took care of grinding the floor bolts I took care of the wall bolts by hand. Let me tell you it was a terrifying experience at first, because here I am minding my own business unbolting the seats from the wall as the sparks from Hunter’s grinder are flying past my boots. Today I found out I am not a fan of hot sparks flying past me even if I couldn’t feel them through my million layers of socks. I decided to stand on the seats and use the back of the seat as my shield against the flying spark-age. My back feels so good after 4 hours of being perched like a bird and cranking away at those seats. It was so worth it to visibly see the progress today though. I also got to feel like a warrior as I yanked the seats up and threw them across the bus. I might have even yelled a “This is Sparta!” or two even though no one could hear over the sound of the grinder. We now have a clear and clean(er) bus! Next item on the list is pulling out the floors!

Onto the next adventure! ~Carmen

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